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10 Best Open Source Android Applications which every Android developer must look into

I used to study code from famous open source projects to check out how others execute specific features as well as to learn from them.
Not Long Ago I have been following up a selection of good open source Android apps development and considered itemizing them here in order that it could be useful for many others.

Example Apps by Android Team.
Could there be a better way to start off without going through the code of the developers who developed the framework? ;) These are 15 various android sample apps developed by the primary developers of the Android framework. These include a few games, photostream, time display, home display shortcuts etc.
url :

RemoteDroid is undoubtedly an android app which turns your phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse along with touchpad, using your own wireless network. You can learn lot of things like linking to a network, managing user finger motion etc from its source.

TorProxy and Shadow
TorProxy is an implementation of Tor for Android mobiles. Along with Shadow, it enables you to surf internet site anonymously through your cell phone. You can study regarding tunnelling socket connections, managing cookies etc by reading it’s source code.
url: and

Android SMSPopup
It is an Android app that will intercepts incoming text messages and shows them in the pop-up window. Besides becoming a time saver, this app also shows us the best way to interface with the built-in application that handles SMS.

Standup Timer
Standup Timer is an Android application that behaves as a basic, stand-up meeting stopwatch. It can be used to ensure that your stand-up assembly completes on time, and provides each of the members the same share of time to state their progress. You can learn how to operate the timer features simply by reading through the source code. In addition this applications has clear distinction between view, model etc and has large amount of util procedures that we can reuse in our app.

It is a four square client for android. This app is basically divided into two components; Reading through the source code you can discover how to make

The pedometer app attempts to take the number of steps you take every day. However the count isn’t precise, you can learn different things such as interacting with accelerometer, doing voice updates, running background services etc by just studying its source code.

OpenSudoku is an easy open source sudoku game. You can learn the best way to show things in a grid in your view and also how to interact with a website by reading its source code.

ConnectBot is a Secure Shell client for the Android platform. You will find lot of good stuff about this app’s source code. Check it out for your self :)

WordPress for Android
How can a person expect a list of apps from me without mentioning WordPress ;) This android app is from the official WordPress development team. You can learn steps to make XMLRPC calls (as well as other cool things) by reading its source code.
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